1. The accompanying bar chart shows… (题中两幅图,用于引入对第二幅的描述)

  2. It is clear from the line graph above that the price of steel per ton has plummeted(v.快速下落) somewhat over the last ten to fifteen years and that the value of steel today has reached an all-time low. (开头描述总体趋势)

  3. The two bar graphs above reflect growth rates in urban populations from five major cities around the world in 1990 and in 2004. It is evident when comparing these graphs that significant increases in urban population have indeed occurred. (用于对同一事物描述的不同时间的两幅图题的总体说明)

  4. It is clearly evident from the pie charts above that firework accidents in Australia were recorded as having occurred in the same places both in 1995 and in 2000 at public display, family parties, pub celebrations, and in the case where teenagers were playing with fire works unattended(交代具体分类)

  5. This line graph shows some very interesting trends related to changes in international student enrollment in UK higher education. The three groups which are reflected in this graph are others EU students, non-EU students, and all oversea students. (说明三组数据形成的三条线所表示成分)

  6. Through the information that is provided in this table we can learn how different occupation rate in terms of stress levels on a 0-10 measurement scale: 10 being the highest level of stress. (对数据的详细描述)

  7. By briefly glancing at this line graph, it is apparent that there were major shifts in employment patterns in South Korea between the years 1960 and 2000.

  8. The bar chart above shows the number of crown court cases held in the UK from 1996 to 2002. According to the information in the graph, crown court cases typically fall into the following three categories: committals for trail, committals for sentence and appeals from magistrates against conviction or sentence. (细述分类)

  A. have rocketed over the fifteen-year period
  B. rise dramatically from around 45% to approximately 65%
  C. shot (shoot) up to (高达) between four and five hundred dollars (shoot up from …to…)
  D. Students from 80,000 and goes all the way up to 280,000
  E. At this point, non-EU student numbers from Europe and all other overseas counties started to climb in numbers from 120000 to 190000 in 2002-2003 in the case of non-EU student and from 240000 to 280000 in 2002-2003 in the case of all overseas students. (并列结构同时描述两个增加情况)
  F. The IT industry was slower to take off and made up only 15% of employment in 1980. However, there was no looking back from 1980 onwards with dramatic increase in1990 at 40% and 60% in 2000. (一个很剧烈的变化)

  A. indeed, a staggering 65% increase in the total number of students enrolled in courses for higher learning has been recorded between the years 1990 and 2004
  B. a slow and steady increase
  C. from that moment on, significant jumps averaged at 10% between the year 1996 to 1998 and to 2004 respectively
  D. a slight increase in student number from 65% to fewer than 70%
  E. steady gains
  F. The most staggering jump in Australia was with mobile between the years 2001 and 2003, which rose significantly from 69 to 97%. (描述显著趋势)
  G. Their sales picked up suddenly between 2001 and 2003 from 28 to 42%

  A. with figures slipping dramatically in 1993 to 270 dollars per ton

  A. it has been a losing battle to maintain the price of steel
  B. A significant drop in figures was also recorded in 2000 for the number of fireworks accidents at pub celebrations coming in at only 5%, which was a third of those reported in 1995.
  C. Notably a massive drop in the decade from 1990 to 2000

  1. rang from5% to just over 10% / interestingly / present(v.展现,表现) / follow closely behind(用于表示相近数据) / make somewhat lesser contributions in (e.g. Russia and Germany are making ~ in steel production at 72 million and 47 million tons respectively. 表示占图中比重)/ the greatest proportion was recorded as happening at public displays in 1995,at 50%(at 对信息的附加说明) / remained relatively stable / as reflected in this graph / After the initial stage of …(After…等价)/ Conversely / vice versa(adv.反之亦然) /

  2.Not surprisingly, British adolescents are rated(vt.评估 vi.被评价) as the highest television viewers, spending 800 hours per annum, which is by far the cheapest and most accessible means of entertainment listed in this table.

  3. Consistent with the data in the first pie chart, the entire body of the world's water sources is predominantly made up of fresh water with only a small quantity of salt water making up the remainder (用于第二段开头)

  4. China, on the other hand, far outweighs the other two countries in its use of water for industry with 85% being the figure recorded. (with 的复合结构使用)

  5. According to the graphic data, we can discern that land used for industry sectors is quite evenly spread in the…

  6. Crops followed by farming occupy far more land for these two major industry areas

  7. notwithstanding(尽管……还是) this trend,(用于转折)

  8. If we look closer at the bar graph we can discern that the biggest producers of steel are located(表达现象产生于……) in north east Asia, with china producing 218 million tons followed by japan's124 million tons (with 复合结构,非谓语同时传递两个信息)[用于第二段开头]

  9. Remarkably, however, the price shot (shoot) up to (高达) between four and five hundred dollars.

  10. Since than it has been a losing battle to maintain the price of steel with figures slipping dramatically in 1993 to 270 dollars per ton, only to make regains(转折,与maintain 成分并列) in 1995 and in 2000.(对文中多个细节转折特征的概述)

  11. China's two most prestigious(a.有名望的,有威信的) cities, Shanghai and Beijing(用插入语补充), have undergone(v.经受) rapid growth surge(vi./ n.蜂拥而出;猛增)in population according to the graphs.

  12. hovered(vi.翱翔,盘旋;徘徊) around the five million mark with the number of shanghai's inhabitants slightly surpassing that of Beijing’s urban population standing at a staggering twenty nine million almost ten million more people than the number presently(ad.现在,目前) residing(living 替换) in Shanghai.

  13. Mumbai, one of India’s largest cities, was leading in the race for urban population in 1990 with almost ten million inhabitants. However, it has fallen behind the current leader, Beijing, with a population of twenty four million being recorded in 2004. (描述了不同时期的两幅图中同一事物的变化)

  14. What is notable, however, is that the ratio of accidents occurring in the different places has shifted quite dramatically in some instances(n.实例,情况,场合)

  15. If we compare the ratios between the four industrial sectors, founded in the four pie charts presented here, the eastern and southern charts show the most significant differences. (结尾终结

  16. Less than half as many accidents involving fireworks, namely 20% (of accidents involving firework 被省略) resulted from family parties in 1990. (比较成分作状语)

  17. Furthermore, the remaining 30% of fireworks were split equally between…and… (描述剩下部分被平均分的情况)

  18. However, at around about the 1999-2000 mark things started to change somewhat. (说明此处为拐点)

  19. Somewhat surprisingly however, the job of the journalist, dentist and pilot are also on the high end of the stress scale along with a prison officer.

  20. All other industry sectors presented in the graph rose in varying degrees within the designated time frame presented here

  21. The most significant increases/marked increases reach a monumental high of 65% at the turn of the century

  22. If we take a closer look at the chart, we discern that (可用于开头或文中)

  23. By far, the biggest source of energy used in New Zealand to generate power is hydro dams at 62%.

  24. However, they did not rate highly as popular consumer items in Australia until the late 1990s and with the turn of the 21st century.

  25. The number of cases recorded for committal for trail in the UK in 1996, 1998, 2002 far surpassed the number of any other cases

  26. There was a steady increase in committal for trail cases reaching just over 120,000 in 2002 which was around 20,000 up (be up on 结构) on 1998 figures and 40000 more than that was recorded in 1996. (同时与1998 1996 的数据作比较)

  27. If we look at the number of …, we can see a steady growth in numbers within the six-year phase from around 10,000 to approximately 18,000

  28. Most notably, according to the information in the graph, the growth in… has all but doubled in number from around 19,000 to nearly 38,000 in the same time period.