What are the important qualities of a good son or daughter? Have these qualities changed or remained the same over time in your culture? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

  托福写作满分作文范文:Topic: 46

  The qualities of a good son and daughter-obedience, loyalty, respect-have not changed. Any parent will tell you that, like their ancestors, they expect these qualities from their children. However, they do not always get what they expect from their children.

  Parents demand that their sons and daughters, regardless of age, obey them. Even if the children are married and have their own children, they should still do whatever their parents ask of them. At least, that's the way it was. Now, children tend to obey their parents until the children are of college age. Then they feel they are adult enough and can make their own decisions even if these decisions are against the parent's wishes.

  Parents also expect loyalty from their children. If there was a dispute in the neighborhood or between families, the parents would expect their children to side with their own family. This quality is probably still very common. Most children today will support their family against others.

  Parents, of course, demand respect. As people become more mobile, and children are introduced to non-traditional ways of doing things, this quality may not endure. Parents are sometimes viewed as old-fashioned. Children don't think their parents can appreciate the way life really is. They think their parents are too old to understand. They lose respect for their parents.

  Obedience, loyalty, and respect are virtues that are being challenged today. We may not obey our parent, give them the loyalty or respect they wish or deserve, but I hope my children obey me, are loyal to me, and respect me.

  托福写作满分作文范文:Topic: 46

  When asked about the important qualities of a good son or daughter, people have all kinds of views concerning it. From my point of view, the important qualities of a good son or daughter consist of listening to the right advice from parents, taking care of parents when growing up and respecting them.

  The most important quality, I think, is that we should respect our parents. It was our parents who brought us into the world and brought us up. They provided us food and clothes, and send us to school to study knowledge. They tried their bests to make our life happy and comfortable. Accordingly, it was our responsibility to respect our parents, including their labor and opinions. We should not spend too much money on useless things because it comes from parents’ labor. At the same time, we must listen to the right advice from parents and don’t act according to our own wishes and desires despite the objection of parents.

  The second quality for a good son is that we should care for our parents when we grow up. Nowadays we have already attended the university, usually far away from parents. So we should keep in touch with them by telephone, letter and e-mail, not making them feel lonely. We may talk about their life at home, such as their work and their health. In fact every time when I give a call to my parents, I may feel that they are very happy because of the telephone. The reason is that not only can the get the information about me, but also they know that their son concerns himself with his parents.

  A good son should have many merits. From my point of view, respecting the parents and caring for them are the most important for everyone. What’s more, they can’t be changed with the development of the society because they are the fundamental qualities for a good son or daughter.